12 Items Every Gentleman Should Have In His Wardrobe

Fashion can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to separate the here-today-gone-tomorrow trends from styles that can never go wrong. The Upswing Report created this list to help you decide what classic wardrobe items are a necessary addition to any gentleman’s closet:

1. Dark Denim

levis-511-slim-fit-dark-wash-denim-jeans-04511-0938-p14093-35803_zoomA nicely-fitted pair of jeans is a fashion staple.  We love the Levi 511’s; not too baggy, not too tight.

2. Dress Shoes

If you had to chose between brown or black, go with brown.  Brown is much more versatile color.  Nonetheless, we recommend owning both.  Pro tip: at the time of purchase, buy a belt that matches the color of your shoes, especially with brown (it is much more difficult to match different varieties of brown than black).

3. A Watch


Yes, we understand that your smartphone can tell the time.  But a nice watch can really add a lot to your outfit–it is a simple way to make a fashion statement.  Visit 5 Beautiful Watches Under $100.00 for ideas.

4. A Gray, Well-Fitted Suit


Black suits are for ultra formal events and funerals. So we recommend picking up a gray suit.

5. A Navy Blazer

bol - 68746 - 002
Definitely a classic look.  Wondering what the difference between a blazer and a sports jacket is?  Watch this video by Tom James to find out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzXxwJD2QBg

6. A Peacoat


Puffy winter jackets should be reserved for the ski slopes.  We suggest purchasing a multipurpose peacoat to keep you warm and classy.  Just make sure it isn’t too long–you’re not in the Matrix.

7. A V-Neck Sweater

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.23.54 AM

An extremely versatile article of clothing.  Click here to learn a few different ways to rock one.

8. White Oxford Cloth Button-Down


Easy to dress up with some chinos and a blazer but works equally well with a pair of jeans. Try and find one that is long enough to stay in tucked in but still short enough to look good when untucked.

9. Gray Crew Neck T-Shirt


Gray is the move because you don’t have to worry about what you’re washing them with, as you should with white shirts.  You can rock these under a dress shirt, or with sneakers and jeans.  V-necks are a classic look, too.

10. Chinos


A well-fitted pair of chinos is a great hybrid between casual and formal wear.  However, do not try and pass these off as dress pants.

11. Casual Loafers


Black or dark brown suede or leather loafers are fantastic for a smart casual look. They go great with jeans, shorts, socks and no socks, giving you an item that is universal for almost any occasion.

12. Underwear


Always new socks and underwear.  You should be replacing the old ones every six months.  Trust us.

Bonus Item:


A cologne should become your personal signature–pick one and stick to it!  Avoid using too much because you don’t want cause nausea for others when you step into a room.  1-3 sprays ought to do it.

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