9 Frequently Mispronounced Luxury Brand Names

During conversation, it can be awkward when someone pronounces a word incorrectly, especially if the word is an individual’s name.  John Travolta’s recent epic mispronunciation of Idina Menzel during the Oscars is a case in point.  What’s even worse is if someone offers the correct pronunciation right after the word is misspoken.

As stated in Why Is Fashion Important?, people frequently make snap judgments about individuals.  And when a brand that gives off an aura of prestige is mispronounced, it often reflects poorly on the individual’s personal taste and intelligence.

In order to mitigate your risk of a phonetic slip-up and avoid potential embarrassment, we’ve created a list of 9 frequently mispronounced luxury brand names:


1. Aston Martin (As-ton Mar-tin)


If you say, “Aus-tin Mar-tin,” 007 will be disappointed.


2. Christian Dior (Kris-chin Dee-or)


The second half is usually the problem.  “Die-or” is incorrect.


3. Givenchy (Jee-von-shee)


While it looks like, “Give-en-chee,” that is wrong.


4. Hermès (Air-Mez)


Saying, “Her-Meez,” is a mistake.


5. Lanvin (Lohn-vahnnn)


It is not uncommon to hear “Lan-vin” or “Lawn-vin.”  However, both of these are mispronunciations.


6. Louis Vuitton (Loo-wee Vhee-tahnnn)


The “s” in “Louis” is not audible.  And the “n” in “Vuitton” should trail off.


7. Moët & Chandon (Mo-wett eh Shan-don)


As a general rule, the “t” at the end of French words is not pronounced.  As a result, some people say, “Mo-aye.”  However, the name, “Moët”, is Dutch in origin and this is why the pronunciation does not follow French rules, even though Moët & Chandon is a French winery.


8. Porsche (Porsh-uh)


Hearing, “Porsh,” is fairly typical.  Regardless, this is inaccurate.


9. Yves Saint Laurent (Eve San Lo-ron)


The “s” in “Yves” is silent.  And the “t” in both “Saint” and “Laurent” is barely audible.  Pro tip: if you forget the proper pronunciation, you can always say, “YSL.”



It is important to note that pronunciation will often vary slightly depending on the native tongue and/or location of the speaker.  Nonetheless, you can use the above as a handy guide to make sure you are on the right track.


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