How to Grow Facial Hair for the First Time

how to grow facial hair for the first time

If you’ve never grown out your facial hair, you’re missing out. Not only does it have health benefits (such as protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, and trapping irritating allergens), it’s just plain manly. Now is the perfect time to start as No-Shave November is soon to arrive. Great, natural facial hair (groomed, but not manicured) will look killer with both a beanie and a double-breasted jacket this fall.

We’ve put together a helpful list of facial hair growing tips so you’ll have the best experience possible, even if you’re a veteran:

1. Patience Is a Virtue

“Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit (AKA a beard) is sweet.”  – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

It usually takes about a month or so for most guys to fully grow a beard. Resist the urge to overshape your beard in the beginning. Let it ride out the awkward stage and see what a beautiful butterfly it can become. That being said, using a trimmer to make sure your hairs are the same length is never a bad idea. Click here for the only trimmer you’ll ever need.

2. Embrace the Itch

Facial hair is itchy. Newly grown hairs can feel like a cactus on your face. But there’s no need to fret, the itch will subside after a week or so. The next two tips will lessen the irritation.

3. A Clean Beard Is a Happy Beard

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs to be cleaned. When you shampoo/condition your hair, include your facial hair. Nothing too complicated.

4. Turn up the Softness

By using a quality beard oil, your facial hair will emit an unmatched healthy shine and softness. It’ll also keep the skin underneath from getting dry.

5. Avoid Hard Lines

According to LA-based Baxter Finley barber Christian Olvera, a proper beard doesn’t end at your chin. He suggests to let the hair grow naturally up to about an inch or two above your Adam’s apple, then allow it to fade using a few different settings on a trimmer.

6. Read Your Face

Do not ignore the shape of your face when growing facial hair. If you’ve got a round face, a square beard can help define your jawline. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to keep the hairs on your cheek a bit tighter while allowing the hair in the “goatee area” to grow a bit longer.

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