Summer Style Pointers

So the winter is finally over. Soon, spring will be as well. To help you get ready for a summer of style, we put together these summer style pointers. Enjoy and be sure to comment any tips you have for your fellow gentleman!


Sun Glasses


Not only are sunglasses an iconic style accessory, they help protect your vision from potentially harmful UV rays. Wearing sunglasses at night or indoors can be a bit much; we don’t recommend it. Wayfarer, club master, and aviator are classics and a great addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. Click here for a guide to finding the right sun glass style for your face shape.

Summer-Savvy Cologne


Think one cologne is enough? Think again. As the seasons change, so should your scent. Citrus-y scents work best in warmer weather, while spicy and woodsy notes are best for fall.

No Sock Look (Boat Shoes, Drivers, Loafers, Etc.)


Gotta love that no sock look. However, if you sweat excessively, it’s hard to pull off…without help that is. If you’re one of those guys with jungle feet, either no show socks, odor-fighting insoles, or a powder can really help out.

Colorful Clothing

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 1.38.38 AM

If it’s nice and sunny outside, your clothing should reflect that. Pun intended because light-colored clothing reflects heat, whereas dark clothing absorbs the sun’s warmth. As a general rule of thumb, rock colors as much as possible during the summer.

Swimming Trunks


The style you wear should depend on your body type. If you are looking to pack on some muscle mass, click here. For inspiration, check out Daniel Craig’s trunks in Casino Royale. Please note that not everyone can pull those bad boys off.



A very dope trend. Make sure you’re up on it. Keep your eyes peeled for nautical, beaded, and woven. Click here for a brand of bracelets we love.

Fashion Don’t: Wearing Flip-Flops Constantly


It’s so tempting to make flip-flops your go-to shoes in the summer. We can’t say this enough: flip-flops belong at the beach and the pool, and that’s pretty much it. Wearing them to the office will result in some serious SMHs.

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