Ulterior Motive Presents: 7 Must-Have Fashion Accessories

This article is brought to you by Ulterior Motive: a Swedish label with accessories for business, party and leisure time. Ulterior Motive makes quality accessories for men, including: ties, wallets, card cases, and pocket squares to suit your style. Please visit their website at www.umotive.com


If clothes make the man, accessories are what complete his look. Staying on top of the ever-changing accessory trends can be an extremely difficult task. However, there are certain accessories that will always withstand the test of time. Regardless of age or fashion style, every man will look the part of a proper gentleman with these staples.

We put together a list of 7 must-have accessories to help every guy complete his look:



1. Wallet


Pulling out an old Velcro wallet when paying for drinks on a Saturday night or picking up the bill for a client lunch just won’t cut it. Wallets are one of the most used accessories for men, so make sure it is reflective of your personal style. Setting aside fashion, a wallet holds your hard-earned cash, ID, and credit cards; make sure you give them a proper home! Avoid the urge to put everything into your wallet. A bulging back pocket is definitely not fashion-forward.


2. Cufflinks


A classic accessory, cufflinks are used to distinguish gentlemen from the everyday man. One cannot deny the impact they have on both a button-up shirt and a classic suit. For those reasons and more, cufflinks are the true sign of style and civility. They say, “Hey, I take myself and style seriously“. We recommend picking up simple conservative links, such as plain silver or solid colored knots, to leave a positive impression while not drawing too much attention.


3. Nice Pen



A nice pen is great to use when signing those contracts, handwriting special notes to clients, or writing out that life changing check. For these moments, you don’t want to be caught with a shabby looking pen. An elegant pen also makes for a great piece on your desk.


4. Watch


Without a doubt, watches are one of the most important accessories for men to have. A nice timepiece makes for a classy statement. Check out 5 Beautiful Watches Under $100.00 for ideas. If there’s one accessory worth investing in, it’s a watch.


5. Belt


A belt is more than just an accessory that holds your pants up; it’s an extension of your ensemble. You’ve got to remember that your belt should always complement your shoes. So when choosing a belt for your outfit, ensure that you have a pair of shoes that matches your belt, especially if you’re dressing formally.

6. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are the style pinnacle of cool. Sunglasses are more than a must-have accessory; they help protect your vision from potentially harmful UV rays. Please avoid donning in unnecessary situations, such as indoors. You don’t want to be perceived as obnoxious.

7. Tie

Ulterior Motive Tie

Similarly to your watch, your tie warrants for close consideration (if you haven’t realized already, skinny ties are in). Combining a beautiful tie with a nice tie bar will result in compliments! Your choice of tie should depend on how formal or informal the occasion is. Either way, it’s an item of clothing that you can push boundaries with. As such, it is necessary to choose wisely. Ulterior Motive makes that decision simple. Click here for more details.



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