Dress Your Best For Job Interview Success

Dress Your Best For Job Interview Success

Quite the title, eh? Rhymes on rhymes on rhymes. Well, this article is much more important than the headline. In fact, the information contained could help you land your next job, be it a full-time position or internship. People make snap judgments on your appearance. Read Why Is Fashion Important? if you’d like to learn more about this concept because this is amplified in a job interview setting. Taking all this into consideration, you should really pay close attention to what you wear to a job interview, which is why we created this article.


The Basic 10

For a young gentleman, the basics of interview attire are:

  1. Properly fitting suit, solid color (navy or dark grey)
  2. Oxford cloth button-down, white
  3. Tie
  4. Dark socks and conservative leather shoes
  5. Belt, same color as shoes
  6. Professional hairstyle and shaved face
  7. Little or no jewelry
  8. Limited amount of cologne
  9. Neatly trimmed nails
  10. Padfolio 


Make sure your get your outfit ready the night before, so you don’t have to spend time getting them ready on the day of the interview because interviews are stressful enough.

And while these are all basics, this doesn’t mean you should always follow them. Really, the job you are interviewing for should determine your interview attire. This leads to our next point:


What Are You Interviewing For?

Are you interviewing for a position in investment banking? Is it an internship at a start-up? The answer to these questions should guide how you go about dressing for the interview. Even for companies in the same industry, the dress code can change. For example, if the company culture is laid back, you might want to leave the ultra conservative black suit in the closet and dress in business casual. Researching the company online or by talking to other people who work there (something you should already be do before the interview anyways) will give you this insight. When in doubt, it’s acceptable to check with the person who scheduled the interview.


What Not to Bring to the Interview

There are some things that you should avoid bringing to an interview:

•          Gum

•          Coffee or soda

•          Uncovered tattoos

•          Turned on cell phone

•          Anyone else (parent, friend, significant other, etc.)


Need additional interview help? Check out What Makes A Good Resume and 10 Common Interview Questions.



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