Not Sure about Dry Cleaning? Check out Swash by P&G

Swash by P&G

Have you ever debated if you should get your suit dry-cleaned or not? The answer to that can be extremely difficult to come up with, especially if your garment is in the ‘in-between’ zone (not super dirty, but not crispy clean).

Well, Procter & Gamble (P&G) has teamed up with Whirlpool to create Swash help you answer just that.

The Swash system is targeted toward those who often ‘re-wear’ clothing, a practice that is often given a negative stigma. But if your clothing isn’t that dirty, why bother spending time and money going to the dry cleaners or laundry mat? This dilemma is not unfamiliar to fashion-conscious individuals who have a nice but limited wardrobe as well as those who have hard-to-care-for items in their closet such as cashmere sweaters, business suits, and premium denim.

This machine is not intended to replace dry cleaning or laundering services; it is simply intended to delay them as Swash removes both wrinkles and odors. It does not remove stains and won’t help your soiled clothing. Mike Grieff, P&G’s research and development director for new business creation and innovation, says, “It’s like a microwave for your clothes. You can’t use a microwave to cook Thanksgiving dinner, right? But there’s a lot of fantastic things you can do in the microwave relative to the stove or the oven.”

The machine is smartly engineered to have your garments finished in 10 minutes, the average time it takes someone to shower. P&G says that size of the over four foot tall device is necessary to fit large garments. It is designed to look like a piece of furniture and intended to be stored in your bedroom or large closet.

The machine has a hefty price tag of $500. However, the half a grand should be viewed as a long-term investment. If you go to the dry cleaners decently often, then investing in a Swash may be a good move for you.

Currently, the Swash is only available at Bloomingdale’s. But P&G has stated that they are planning to roll out to other retailers in the near future.

If you are interested in a cheaper alternative, check out Dryel’s Starter Kit.

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